A recent struggle of mine has been the feeling that I’m “behind the curve.”

Wow, that person spends a ton of their free time working on their technical skills; I wonder if I put in as much effort as them.

Do I sound like I know what I’m doing? Do I ACTUALLY know what I’m doing?

Am I trying “too hard?”

This first post serves as a reminder to myself that I am not behind some metaphorical curve that I’m creating in my own head; that I do put in a respectable level of effort into technical development, that I usually know what I’m doing (and that I at least realize when I don’t), and that I’m not trying “too hard.”

This blog can serve as a sort of log of my explorations of new knowledge. I’ve always enjoyed reading Hey, Scripting Guy! to name one prominent example, and have learned a lot from their work with Powershell. I recently have started making the effort to get my longer-than-one-line scripts up onto GitHub, but the thing that code repositories lack is the why and how: why did I write this script or set up this technology (to solve a problem, satisfy curiosity, etc.) and how did I do it from start to finish. Sometimes I don’t even remember the answers to those questions and I have to spend time looking back through the code to figure it out. Hopefully, I’ll be doing less and less of that as time goes on with this blog.

This is the first structured step that I’ve taken to put myself “out there.” Maybe others will read what I write, maybe they won’t. Maybe I’ll update frequently, maybe there will be lengths of time that I don’t. And that’s all okay. There isn’t some rush of technical blog posts that I need to be at the front of. Everyone and their mother has a blog, I’d never be happy if I tried to get ahead of anything. I’m just looking forward to putting my thoughts and discoveries down in the form of pixels on a web browser. If someone happens to take something away from what I write, awesome! If not, then at least I can look back and see where I’ve come from.