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My Current Homelab

I have been married to my wife Amanda since March of this year and part of that process included us moving in to our first apartment together. I took the opp...

Pester Test Execution Order CAN Matter!

My most recent update to my PowerShell module PSSpeedTest was to split its Pester test files into separate files for each individual public and private funct...

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How I Fixed Printer WSD Hell

One of the most interesting projects that I’ve gotten to work on has been the migration from a Windows print server to PrinterLogic. At Blizzard’s Irvine cam...

My PowerShell Environment (For Now)

My roommate and I have both been diving into scripting in our free time, him mostly in Bash and myself in Powershell. A couple months ago, he mentioned to me...

Why I Didn’t Pursue Gamedev

One of the first series of video games that I followed was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Skating through locations based all over the world, throwing your characte...

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